The Blue Russian:
playful, loyal and independent

The Rusian Blue Cat or Blue Russian has short silky gray fur. She is playful, loyal, independent, loves to cuddle and is a real hunter, which you wouldn’t expect from a purebred cat. A life where she can play, romp and hunt outside is sure to please her.


Although the full history of the breed is not known, it is thought that these cats originally came from the island of Archangel (Arkhangelsk) in northern Russia. They were loved by the Russian tsars. Having gained popularity among Russian royalty, the beautiful blue cats were shipped to many parts of Europe. The Russian Blue was one of the participants in the very first cat shows held in England in the 1880s. The breed was developed mainly in England and Scandinavia until after World War II.

Over the years, the Russian Blue has not only won a place in the hearts of many Russians and Britons, but has become a recognized and beloved breed around the world.

Appearance and characteristics

One of the most striking features of the Russian Blue is undoubtedly its fur. The soft, dense coat has a silvery blue hue that shows a silvery sheen. The eyes are large and expressive and usually bright in color. The wedge-shaped head and face give the Russian Blue a charming expression that makes it seem like she is always smiling. The slender body and fine bones contribute to the graceful appearance of this beautiful breed.

Character and behavior

In addition to their striking appearance, the Russian Blue is known for its loyalty and friendly and intelligent nature. These cats are playful and curious.

This cat likes to play with its owners, but they can sometimes be a bit aloof toward strangers. It is a friendly cat that enjoys being around familiar people in a calm environment. If strangers, noisy dogs or overly affectionate children approach, the Russian Blue is likely to retreat to the safety of a hiding place where it will remain until the environment is calm again.


The coat of the Russian Blue requires minimal grooming. The coat does not naturally shed much. Occasional brushing keeps the coat soft and silky.

Regular play and stimulating activities help maintain the physical and mental health of these intelligent cats. Although they love to play outside, they also thrive indoors, where they can enjoy a safe and comfortable environment.

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